We handle the donor pack manually after we received the donation here.

Donation system

Goal amount for this month: 333 EUR, Received: 133.00 EUR (40%)

Please choose from the options below...

Pick your package:

Find your CS:S ZombieMod donation packages here

Find your CS:GO Surf donation packages here

Quick overview:

Package 1 (The Engineer):

1 month - €10 | 2 months - €18 | 3 months - €25 | 6 months - €42 | 1 year - €75

Package 2 (Nanosuit):

1 month - €10 | 2 months - €18 | 3 months - €25 | 6 months - €42 | 1 year - €75

Package 3 (Harley Quinn):

1 month - €10 | 2 months - €18 | 3 months - €25 | 6 months - €42 | 1 year - €75

Package 4 (All 3 models):

3 months - €35 | 6 months - €60 | 1 year - €100

GoFree VIP:



How long will it take to receive donation features?

It can take up to 2 days for donation features to be activated/added since they are handled manually. However, the duration of your donations features starts only with their activation to ensure that you get the exact duration you donated for.

Which features are available?

All available features are shown throughout the donation page.

Why is there a CS:S and CS:GO page?

The features are tied to the specific game and differ in their functionality.

I donated for one game but wanted to get features on the other. Can i switch around?

Once the features have been activated we usually don't accept changes. Contact us to check your case.

Do you accept payment methods other than PayPal?

No, we accept PayPal only.

Why are payments in Euros?

The servers are paid for in Euros.

Are payments refundable?

Usually, we don't refund payments. Contact us to check your case when there are special circumstances given which justify a refund.

What is a SteamID64?

The SteamID64 is your unique identifier which we use to apply donator features to you.

How can I find my SteamID64?

You can find your SteamID64 by putting your Steam profile link into this site:

Can i transfer my donation features to another account?

No, donation features are nontransferable.

What happens to my donation features when my account got (permanently) banned?

Your donation features stay on your banned account and will be removed after their expiration. A ban does not extend the duration of your features.

Can i send another player donation features as a gift?

Sure, just leave a message with the SteamID of the player as comment in the donation.

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