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  1. AllEyesOnYou
  2. lb426
    lb426 NorthernLight
    Sorry North...I was asshole((
  3. Oliver
    Oliver NorthernLight
    Kinda cute tbh ngl fr
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    2. NorthernLight
      14 Sep 2019 at 00:06
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    3. Oliver
      14 Sep 2019 at 00:08
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  4. NorthernLight
  5. PARA
    PARA AsH
    Ashhhhh! ♥
  6. Contract6
    Contract6 ThirtyEight
    Hey ThirtyEight, i wrote a canditature last month and hope for a good answer :D i play most time on zombie v3 and hope to become a part of the elitehunterz family =)
    1. ThirtyEight
      Results were posted earlier today
      13 Sep 2019 at 19:17
  7. Strider
  8. President
  9. AllEyesOnYou
    AllEyesOnYou NorthernLight
    Best mate in rainbow six siege! HE JUMPS DOWN IN FRONT OF ME AND I KNIFE HIM! ez TEAMKILL
  10. Oliver
    Oliver Strider
    Leftie scumbag
  11. Strider
  12. Cloud10
    Cloud10 Oliver
    Congrats on SPA! :)
    1. Oliver
      11 Sep 2019 at 01:34
  13. Havoc
    Havoc Lotus
    Watching you leave is like watching an important part of the Community leave. You were such an important person for the Community through nearly 4 years. Best of luck in the future man!
  14. ///M3Power
    ///M3Power Lotus
    Blue colour?!
    Well, that's not what I'm used to :|
  15. DanMan
    DanMan Lotus
    -rep is an embryo cell thought is not European is of the America complete scam 1 out of 5 stars
  16. AllEyesOnYou
  17. NorthernLight
    NorthernLight WhispEr
    Happy birthday :-)
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  18. PARA
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    2. Slowian
      hehe that lil shit, he gay hahaha
      6 Sep 2019
    3. PARA
      oyyyyyyyyy slowian....
      6 Sep 2019
  19. AllEyesOnYou
    AllEyesOnYou NorthernLight
  20. AllEyesOnYou
    AllEyesOnYou easy
    Bester admin, der rest schnodder
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