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    [Music] Post your favourite songs here

  2. Strophe

    Who is Strophe ?

    Thanks you guys for your comments ! Pour répondre à ta question @Xylon , il me semble que j'étais admin il y a très longtemps du genre 2012-2013 je crois, j'en suis pas sûr à 100% mais je pense que c'est à peu prés ça. Entre temps le site a été mis a jour et tous les post on disparu j'imagine.
  3. Strophe

    Who is Strophe ?

    Hello everyone ! What's your name, where do you live and how old are you? My name is Emile EXBRAYAT. Im 23 years old. Im from France. For how long have you been playing on our servers? I played on the server like 3 or 4 years ago, i was in the dh clan when Legend,Powha,jumpin and many...
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    i have something for you Havoc...

    i have something for you Havoc Have a nice day.
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    Im back.

    Im back.
  6. Strophe

    Clan Tag Faker

    Hey Last Legend, Im ok with you so you have my support. I hope they do something. Strophe
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    [Application] Epilogue

    Good luck !
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    Cool Pic's/gif's! Post'em here!

    ahahaha ^^
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    Thank you x)

    Thank you x)
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    Happy birthday dean!

    Happy Birthday ! :)
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    [Member Application] Schou

    Good luck :)
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    Happy Birthday Chupa!

    Happy Birthday Chupa ;)
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    [Application] Jumpin'

    good luck bro ;)