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  1. Krypto

    Handled Ban Request: Sakka and Justla

    Name: Sakka and Justla SteamID: U:1:44736684 / U:1:25385510 Server: Zombie Hunting V3 Time and Date: 07:40am GMT / 11/01/17 Reason: Teaming Additional Information: Proof: Demo -Krypto
  2. Krypto

    Looking for people willing to convert maps!

    Yo guys, As some of you may will know, I have started the project of developing ZM in CSGO. I have hit a small roadbump with the fact that I am not skilled or don't know how to convert CSS maps into CSGO. I currently have 3 maps on the server itself. If any of you are up for this task, hit me...
  3. Krypto

    Ban Request: HakscH

    Name: HakscH SteamID: STEAM_0:1:36843624 Server: CBBLE only 100Tick V5 Time and Date: 1:40pm 20 Jan 2015 Reason: Macro/Hotkey/Script Additional Information: Sat AFK on v5 and saw this lad trying out his Macro! Proof: Demo
  4. Krypto

    Ban Request: zqx, Natureone <3, aNNNNNNND1.

    Name: zqx, Natureone <3, aNNNNNNND1. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:37992078, STEAM_0:1:11571579, STEAM_0:0:39823211 Server: CBBLE only 100Tick V5 Time and Date: 1:20AM 07 Dec 14 Reason: Teaming, Blocking Additional Information: # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state...
  5. Krypto

    Ban Request: Smokeyjoe, b0t, Heisenberg

    Name: Smokeyjoe, b0t, Heisenberg SteamID: STEAM_0:0:2314119, STEAM_0:1:21599106, STEAM_0:0:25045208 Server: CBBLE only 100Tick V5 Time and Date: 25/10 1:30 GMT Reason: Teaming Additional Information: 3 Players teaming, probably should of recorded a demo, unsure if this is proof...
  6. Krypto

    Bhop Server [Ideas/Suggestions/Feedback thread]

    Hello peeps, I recently took the task of making the bhop server look beautiful and gave it a good makeover. I am creating this thread for any suggestions that anyone may have for the server its self, be it any maps you want added, any plugin suggestions or maybe something added to the store...
  7. Krypto

    Ban Request: The O, 2pac, cant be touched

    Name: The O, 2pac, cant be touched SteamID: STEAM_0:0:6000534,STEAM_0:0:54540735,STEAM_0:1:78396647 Server: Zombie Hunting V1 Time and Date: 4:25am Reason: Teaming Additional Information: Proof: Demo!lFtz0IjB!REeX1_cYUw9F0SHV1rpAh0eXYaYzwWTtDPbOe2kVLn0
  8. Krypto

    Admin_Sounds and Evil rocket?

    Hello everyone, I would like to cast a small vote and get everyone's opinion on possibly having some of these features made available again? We currently have Admin_Sounds on some of the servers... this currently having only 1 sound.. Maybe we could go about adding a few more? After...
  9. Krypto

    Steam Chat Logger [DL]

    Hello peeps, Recently found a program that logs Steam chat history into a .txt document and thought it might be helpful for some of you guys. Can't quite remember where I downloaded it from, but it has served me quite well when looking for specific details in old convostations...
  10. Krypto

    Porting CSS Skins to CS:GO

    Hey guys, I'm just posting here to see if any of you talented people would know how to port some Zombie skins from CSS to CSGO. Just in case its needed, here is a link to the skin: Thank you, -Krypto!
  11. Krypto


    Name, age and location? My name is Harry (gonna get a lot of shit for this!) I'm 16 and i'm situated near Reading. For how long have you been playing on our servers? Been playing on the EH servers for a bit over a year now! <3'ing it! Are you a dedicated zombie hunter or do you enjoy...