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  1. TheRalle

    More VIP human Player skins

    Also i prefer more a Doom skin for survivors, we have a Doom zombie skin so we need one for survivors too ^^ Greetings TheRalle
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    Dear community, After along weeks of work,. headchaches and sweat.. full day of mapping i can finally say im done, i told this will be my last project for a while, in my eyes this was my best project ever and i never saw a map like this one before, and this was my goal to reach, alot of...
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    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: Patrick Balkany Jr.

    Hey Crash, Thanks for your submitted report, i will take the player away for one day from our Servers. Greetins TheRalle
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    Dear community, Great message, tonight at 9:00PM check this link out "zm_eh_tr_depot" sneak peek, it looks just crazy as hell, if anyone interested about whats behind this map, close to 4.000 entities, a size of 7232x5442x2640, newer ZE maps has a amount of 4.000+ entities but this one is...
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    Introducing zm_Hanamura

    Hey Molsted, Congrats and goodjob, keep going, if u need something be sure im there for you Greetings TheRalle
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    Dear community, Quick work in progress stuff: Just addet 3 Special guns currently for Survivor team, it spawns in front of the user a concrete barrier, breakable and just for 3 times, people they use this gun has a small concrete barrier at back. Polished the map again to look more 2K21...
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    Dear community, Quick work in progress stuff: Map has currently no physics stuff but it should work without them, cbble or fast final is dont using them too so far All spots should be possible to reach and defend with amount of players, but we will see in future how it be. Greetings...
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    Dear community, Im still working on my final one, i think it wont takes no more long to release, i just want to show a quick video of some mechanics i addet, alot of players are hyped so far so here something for the eyes. As well, thanks for everyone for supporting. Currently progress...
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    Happy birthday my kleiner ♡

    Happy birthday my kleiner ♡
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    Dear community, Still working on the new map, it will be for sure the last one by me for a while, so well i hope i get positive feedback and maybe some suggestions about this one, if i remembering about my first maps and now i would say i did a pretty goodjob so far with my skills. So lets go...
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    Ahh aight, i feel it yet ^^ i think i reduce the Container layer also just one layer not two, should be more balanced, maybe i add sewers if yes i clip the container so there will be no more camp spots just the warehouses and sewers. Thanks for your Feedback Greetings TheRalle
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    Dear kleiners, Currently working on a abandoned docks themed map, middle in pazific. Maybe this one would be nice to get a hunting feeling idk atm i dont care so much about hunting or camping, people should know i just map ^^ Abandoned docks Features: • Abandoned design • Secrets •...
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    zm_dust hunting map

    Hey Janno, I think if u use triggers for spawn, it should work easily, also if they pickup something that changes size or gravity it will trigger normally, if they die they trigger the default values cause spawn trigger. Greetings TheRalle
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    Good times. Bad times. End times

    Good times. Bad times. End times
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    New hunting map zm_ghost_ship_beta

    If u use decals, are u using the "Apply Decals" tool also "Shift-D" if yes try to use "Apply Overlay" tool also "Shift-O" its way better and you can fade them after XX meters, same system like props if u optimize Greetings TheRalle
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    We decided to use a different skin, as the regular skins like donator or admin to, avoid confusion Greetings
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    Currently State: • Close to finished Coldwar Features: • Darkmode Activatable through button in admin room, just removing the standart correction and activates white/black correction. • Intro Playable through button in admin room. • Bosses Activatable through button in admin room, increases a...
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    Currently State: • Map should be playable soon Coldwar Features: • Flying planes in 3D skybox • Explosions in 3D skybox • Explosions on Map • Heal orbs (Zombie side) • Running gear (Hunter side) • Heal Vending Machine (Hunter side) • Armory (Hunter side) Coldwar Team features: • Heal Orbs...