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  1. Captain Chewbacca

    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: unknown / mizuki-chang-ping-pong / Notorious B.I.G No Mercy

    Name unknown / mizuki-chang-ping-pong / Notorious B.I.G No Mercy SteamID STEAM_0:1:195663194 / STEAM_0:0:444360769 / STEAM_0:1:123456 Server [CS:S] Zombie Hunting V3 Time and Date 19:45 GMT-0500 Report Reason Killing teammates on Purpose, Teaming/Not following the game objective Additional...
  2. Captain Chewbacca

    My Introduction (AGAIN)

    Sup gamers. Im back again. I dont know how long I will be here but hopefully I can still have a good time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Captain Chewbacca


    Hello, my name is Chewie, my real name is *****. I live in a decent sized house and my age is old enough. I have been playing on the servers for a long while. I am mostly a dedicated zombie hunter, but I also play zombie escape as well. My favorite thing about the community is everything :D...
  4. Captain Chewbacca

    Post your screenshots of ZM AWP Kills! :D

    when i mean zm i mean V3 on EH :D and try to have more than 1 screenshot to reduce the spam :)
  5. Captain Chewbacca

    Post your screenshots of your nade kills!! :D ZM

    Post your screenshots of your nade kills here!
  6. Captain Chewbacca


    Hi, my real name is David but in-game I prefer to be called Chew/Chewy/Chewie, and I live in the United States, and in the state of North Carolina. I have been playing on your servers starting in 2012 about, even though I had uninstalled CSS so many times throughout these 5 years. I guess you...
  7. Captain Chewbacca

    How to have a custom HUD

    Ever tired of the same old HUD on Counter-Strike: Source? Well here you can learn how to replace that HUD by this Step-by-step guide! 1. Goto 2. Search the right HUD for you - Mine is the blue HUD. 3. Once you download the custom HUD you wish to have...
  8. Captain Chewbacca

    How to install your own custom skins

    Ever tired of seeing the same old normal skins on Counter-Strike: Source? Well this step-by-step guide can help you on choosing which skin is right for you. 1. Goto - This is the site you can goto for your custom skin. 2. On the right side where it says...