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  1. AsH

    Handled+ Gag Request: Living Room Set $799

    Name Living Room Set $799 SteamID STEAM_0:0:76292573 Server Zombie Hunting V3 Time and Date 10th September 2017 at 9:15 AM GMT+1 Gag Reason Racism Additional Information Just straight up had a very distastefull remark. Proof Screenshot
  2. AsH

    Dropping a Hello!

    Just giving you all a warm ello and greetings! After a long (yet again) absence, due to busy life I was away indefinetely. Plus my steam wasn't working (again) which now also once more works and my schedule has become lots and lots easier! So I'd like to welcome myself back here ^^ I still...
  3. AsH

    Elite HunterZ Server/ Forum Rules! MUST READ!

    Bannable offences: General (Forum & Servers) Refusing to speak English or German Swearing, Insulting and Racism Spamming, Heavy Flaming and Provocative Behaviour Advertising (for other servers/communities) Severely bad Sprays (Example; showing genitals or extreme violence) Refusing to follow...
  4. AsH

    Technicall Issues!

    We are having some technical issues with the servers at this moment in time. So currently zombiemod is not operational. We are working on fixing this problem! We apologise for the inconvinience and ask you for your patience. Regards! Elite HunterZ Community!
  5. AsH

    Happy Birthday Chupa!

    Happy birthday Chupa boy =P. I wish you all the best in life with lots of health,success,wimen and wealth. Have a good 1 bro :D
  6. AsH

    A little something you should all remember ok? Careful ^^

    [attachment=0:3v4w3w7q]Moralofthestory.jpg[/attachment:3v4w3w7q] Careful when you have sex boys ^^ cause it might just ruin your life :)
  7. AsH

    Away for 3 days!

    Well im going to be away for three days cause im going on a students exchange with my school. Were going to croatia and will stay there will sunday. I hope ill be back on sunday evening if all goes well. I just wanted to let you know so you wont miss me to much :)
  8. AsH

    This is what i call fate!

    I did a quiz about zombie thing on facebook and here is the epic result :D i do belong to eh :D Check it out :D
  9. AsH

    Happy birthday maniac!!!

    Happy birthday buddy and heres a little gift for ya :D
  10. AsH

    Give us information!

    Hello every1! Please in this section give us feedback on our servers! What do we wank to know is this! Are you experiencing any lagg issues? Do you like the way admins do their job? Do you like the maps, plugins,sounds? Do you want anything added or removed? you also can give your opinion...