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  1. DeltaForce

    XMAS Event 2020

    Hello everyone ;) Its time for the last Event on EliteHunterZ for 2020! This time we will benefit our most active Players inside the whole month. Random prizes: 1 Player can win Premium daily, (34x times) as Ξн Advent Calender 1 Player will be randomly choosen every Sunday, Prize is 1 Month...
  2. DeltaForce

    Summer Event 2020

    Hello everyone. It is time for a new event this Summer on our Zombie servers, everyone can participate and we are giving away lots of prizes so everyone have a chance to win! The Event will start Friday the 14th August (today) at 20:00 CEST and it will end Sunday the 13th September (4 weeks)...
  3. DeltaForce


    So, since its just about 4 weeks left to Halloween its time to include more Zombie Horror on some Maps inside our Map Pool ;). First one is Rush now, Fast will follow but the old Fast Version due to compiling reasons. zm_rush_halloween
  4. DeltaForce


    Hello there, another suggested Map was: zm_policeprison_fixed_v1 I added 64 Spawns, made the whole Spawnzones bigger for Movement Place. Added EH Decals. This Map is very Basic and open but have alot of Rooms with physic Props, so V3 Players and 16chambres lovers should also love this one...
  5. DeltaForce


    Hello there, started a new map before i finish my another one because this one is pretty fast finished. Again its a Version for V1 now, maybe i can add another Version for V3. Zombies got protection from Trees and other Bullet Blockers, so the Campers will have no Chance to damage Zombies which...
  6. DeltaForce

    Handled Gag Request: IceTea

    Name IceTea SteamID STEAM_0:1:4341217 Server Zombie Hunting V3 Time and Date 14.06.2019 19:45-50 Gag Reason Insulting/Swearing Additional Information Proof Screenshot
  7. DeltaForce


    Hey fellows, i started my Hammer Editor last weekend again and started a Special Map for V1. Motivation for that Map was Maps like Cbble Rush and Fast, those Maps are great, but i think its too bad that those Campers can still ruin the Gameplay for Zombies. They take a lot of their HP or ruin...
  8. DeltaForce

    Handled Gag Request: |ÐŘΣĭŚ†| Treff Nix

    Name |ÐŘΣĭŚ†| Treff Nix SteamID STEAM_0:1:20816655 Server Zombie Hunting V3 Time and Date 08.05.2017 12:25~ Gag Reason Insulting/Swearing Additional Information |ÐŘΣĭŚ†| Treff Nix. : fu |ÐŘΣĭŚ†| Treff Nix. : you huan - you son of a bitch |ÐŘΣĭŚ†| Treff Nix. : huansohn - son of a...
  9. DeltaForce

    Handled Gag Request: AllEyezOnYou

    Name AllEyezOnYou SteamID STEAM_0:0:41076176 Server Zombie Hunting V3 Time and Date 07.05.2017 00:30 Gag Reason Insulting/Swearing Additional Information Insulting in German. Fick dich -> Fuck you. Sikim -> Im sure he want to write Sikerim, its turkish and means cunt. wixer -> "wanker"...
  10. DeltaForce


    Hi! My name is Toby, im 22 years old an i come from South Germany. Near Switzerland and Austria. I started about 2011-2012 on this Servers with the ZM Mod. It was back then the first Zombie Mod Server so, i Joined and enjoy the Fun. After that i launched my education as an Logistic Manager. Now...
  11. DeltaForce

    Handled Gag Request: Schnitzel one?

    Name Schnitzel one? SteamID STEAM_0:1:212445855 Server Zombie Hunting V3 Time and Date 03.05.2017 21:00~ Gag Reason Insulting/Swearing Additional Information He got killed by a Player, his answer was "hurensohn". Its an heavy German insult which means "son of a bitch". Im not sure if he got...