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    Breaking Bad!

    Who watched the best serie ever? i watched this serie in 1 week its awesome, u cant stop watching Los Pollos Hermanos say my name! Heisenberg. :D
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    Elite Hunterz v5 campfest map suggestion

    Hello dear Campers, We will open in the next 2 weeks a new server V6! My idea is: Zombie respawn All weapons Unl. Ammo 10-15k zombie health, im for 10 because the respawn. 50-64 slots, im for 64 to steal the ppl from papys server Camp maps (need a list, pls post some maps) What about...
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    HELL, love this game! amnesia

    Who played amnesia? i pissed in my pants try it out!
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    Follow Us

    Facebook: ... 1375359141 Steam Community: ... iteHunterz Twitter:!/Elite_HunterZ Youtube: Coming Soon
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    Funny Chats.

    Im start with a little chat. ???? ??????????: hey u there? [??] ?oc?y: chill hart yaaaaaa ???? ??????????: u know who i am? ???? ??????????: ? [??] ?oc?y: yes ???? ??????????: good ???? ??????????: this is my steam acc ???? ??????????: buyed new css :)' [??] ?oc?y: lol because EH? ...
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    [German] Community meeting in germany!

    Hallo, Ich würde gerne mal ein Community treffen organisieren, jeder ist eingeladen egal ob member,admin oder nur EH spieler. Mein Vorschlag wäre es, ein paintball gelände zu mieten. Und danach in eine disco zu gehen :). Und danach in einem Hotel übernachten. Paintball ist ab 18 alle drunter...
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    Rank event! Free admin for 1 Month

    That guy who reached the 100k points will get 1 month free admin Ranks will reset soon and than starts the event!
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    EH Theme Vol. 2

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Wir möchten EH Theme Vol. 2 machen mit eurer Hilfe! schreibt uns eure texte, zeilen oder gedichte haha ;) only german!
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    Donator Admin List!

    Active List peng divos Hanfst3rn galactica treffnix Vick Vinegar Xerxes deanburger keviN Kellogsmonster w0l.t junior Danini Damage Givos loremipsum NuKeSiDe MaLte.!
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    Lets help us! post here for more fps ... ?t=1341532 it works! ... p?t=523089 i dont tryed it!
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    Happy Birthday NIKO

    Happy Birthday niko is now 17 years old. And WE! all want say thank you niko for your really nice work in EH, you doing a amazing job betrink dich schön ;) auf die nächsten jahre mit dir!
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    Pictures of you

    Pictures of you Normal Forum rules!, No spam pls! Me first
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    The Old and the New Leader is BACK!

    KOBOLDMAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! <3 say welcome back to my boyfriend kobi :oops:
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    Request of plugins!

    what about slowmotion at the end of the round or a 5 sec songs? for server 1
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    ElitE HunterZ CS:S Background

    This background is for you fans of EliteHunterZ that don't want to lose your time searching for our servers! Why not have them all directly on your menu when you start the game? It's really easy! Just download the attached rar file and open it. You will find a txt file that explains exactly...
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    Maplist ZE server!

    post your maps for the ze server zm_boatsescape6_remix ze_rooftop_runaway1_v4 ze_blackmesa_escape_final ze_sorrento_escape_v5 ze_thelostworld_redux zm_ATIX_panic_b3T zm_island_escape_beta_9 ze_titanic_escape_v2_2 ze_escape_horizon_v3c zm_arctic_escape_v1 ze_jurassicpark_v2...
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    Request of second try for ze

    What u think if we trying to make a ze again?!
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    Post your screens (scores) ZM

    have over 30...!
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    Post your fav videos or nice songs! ... HD_version bad song but a good video ;)