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  1. SNITCH47

    Crack, Seyfuddin & Karmate

    Here are some proofs. Karmate (Schickeria) was swearing, Crack destroyed my barricade and Karmate (Schickeria) was also using a bunnyhop script. Seyfuddin also muted "Kalschnikowa and Kiinq" without any reason. I dont know why Seyfuddin or Crack dont ban Karmate (Schickeria) with his bunnyhop...
  2. SNITCH47

    Abusing Adminrights & causeless kicks/bans.

    Affected Admins/Player: Crack (STEAM_0:0:22454341) Seyfuddin (STEAM_0:1:23908840) Karmate/Schickeria (STEAM_0:1:18315652) Me and my friend were playing on Elite-Hunterz v1. We established a new clan with the shortcut "»eY."...