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    Russian racism

    Hello everyone, I want to raise a topic like Russian racism. Many of you may think that if Russians call a Negro a Negro, then they want to offend, show their hatred. No friends, you are mistaken. Russians cannot hate Negroes because they don't live among us. Maybe 1nr / 100000 white people. In...
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    Ammo pack

    A long time ago I played on 1.6 servers, there was a currency on the server, ammo-packs, it allowed to buy for zombies - antidote (back to become a survivor) - infectious bomb (zombie throws a grenade, which of the surviving players were in the explosion zone becomes infected and turns into a...
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    Allow Russian language

    Hello. On the zombie server a lot of Russian-speaking players. We understand simple phrases in English, and partly can answer, but the level of knowledge of the English language leaves much to be desired. But there are situations when you want to unite with the players, take up defense and...