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    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Protest a punishment: Aries

    please use "edit" instead of posting answers every minute. thank you!
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    VIP Skin is visible but not the tag

    For future reference please reply here if anybody has issues with his features: Thank you all for supporting this server!
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    [uploaded 4 testing] ZM_LILTOWN_FIXED_EH

    CTs were struggling to win (or defend) - which is normal on "new" maps (many new players dont know this old map). All together had been played 4 times so far. We need more data before we can be sure wether it needs some balancing or not. But it might be it need some future balancing to...
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    [test needed] zm_officeattack_b5a

    Thank you. The soda is broken (optic, door opened in my test): And did you add extra HP to this map or had this been before already?
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    maps | List + Add/Remove requests!

    zm_lila_off!ce_v4 is on server since June 2021 @Soup^ - but try it on our ZE or empty v1 first and have a look wether all settings work fine, also after the map ended and was changed to another map before you try it on v3 (as I dont remember it atm). The others are not available atm and need to...
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    [online] zm_highschool_day_huhn_v1_1

    Here is a glitch that needs to be fixed. Players get stuck in the corner.
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    >>> READ ME / IMPORTANT <<< Our mapping forum

    Additional info to all mappers: Whenever you edit your map and provide a new .bsp file you mandatorily need to change it's name (e.g. zm_mapname_v1, zm_mapname_v2, etc.). Thank you!
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    Post your screenshots { Knife killZ !! } ZM

    damage depends on wether the fatty bought a kevlar and helmet before as CT or not afaik. but maybe i am mistaken
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    [test needed] zm_officeattack_b5a

    removed again. please do always (always, always & always) provide new map names after changing anything:
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    Server Problems or Issues

    resolved. thank you
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    [added] zm_azduextincion_acp_v3_fix

    added to both servers, thank you @The Bear Jew
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    [fix needed] zm_undergrounds_eh_v2

    did you have time to check the spawns @Janno?
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    [fix needed] zm_eh_fast_final_hallow

    did you check the spawns @DrFiction? can you confirm any issues like missing buy zones?
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    [added] zm_eh_palace_final_v12

    added to both servers, thank you @DrFiction
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    [added] zm_officerush_v5

    added to both servers, thank you @DrFiction
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    [added] zm_canals_classic_eh_v5

    added to v3 - thank you @SOUR
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    [test needed] zm_officeattack_b5a

    added to both servers, thank you @DrFiction
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    [added] Introducing new map: zm_vicissitude

    added to v3's nomination - thank you @Molsted
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    zm_desertprodigy back in rotation

    use this thread for matter like this:
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    [uploaded 4 testing] The new zh_aztec

    I think this was the first thing i fixed with The Bear Jew - if we are talking about the same roof (and wall). Das Huhn used Bear's fixes to continue working on this map afaik.