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  1. Ciftyfent

    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: Pooki Pooki

    Ok, thank you for the Informationen
  2. Ciftyfent

    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: Pooki Pooki

    Name Pooki Pooki SteamID STEAM_0:1:450755231 Server [CS:S] Zombie Hunting V3 Time and Date 04.02.2022 08:46 (CET) Report Reason Cheating/Hacking Additional Information Using Aimbot for sure, hope the Demo shows enough Proof Demo
  3. Ciftyfent

    maps | List + Add/Remove requests!

    Hello, i would like to see some of those maps back in Nom List and wonder why they are not more in there? Azdue Origin Desert Prodigy Undergrounds 8 Chambers Filth Pyramid Huhn Grimoffice Dispair
  4. Ciftyfent

    Year 2022/2021 in Review

    Ok, its time for a break now, so much Time spend in this game wtf 🤣
  5. Ciftyfent

    [test needed] both neko_athletic versions

    Or maybe they can Add a ladder from the bottom so Zm can easy climb up here?
  6. Ciftyfent

    [added] zm_officerush_v5

    Actually the Idea with the second Part looks nice 😁
  7. Ciftyfent


    No he only need Cheeseburgers!
  8. Ciftyfent

    zm_desertprodigy back in rotation

    Oh yes its really missing. Hope to see it back in Rotation soon
  9. Ciftyfent

    My last word.

    You are so funny guys 🤣. And yes that Video is so on point hahaha. I know what you are talking about Gunpower, but i think the Case is Closed for now 😁.
  10. Ciftyfent

    [uploaded 4 testing] ZM_LILTOWN_FIXED_EH

    Nice Work👍 Hope to see this Map soon.
  11. Ciftyfent

    Bot Feature - Chat Moderation

    Thank you for your Reply Data. I have checked the Message again and it is no Spam Warning. It just told me that i have to wait a few Seconds, so i can use this Command again. I hope more People will use the /zstuckcommand in the Future. Clears out the whole Chat
  12. Ciftyfent

    Bot Feature - Chat Moderation

    I use the /zstuck command and get those warnings also?
  13. Ciftyfent

    V1 Hunting NightZ [regular Ξvents]

    Yes its still happening, sometimes there are more players like 20 +
  14. Ciftyfent

    [Recruitment] Counter-Strike: Source (ALL)

    Ingame name Ciftyfent Steam profile link SteamID STEAM_0:1:3073469 Age 37 Location Germany English knowledge Intermediate Other languages German Previous bans I was banned 2 Times First Ban for Blocking the...
  15. Ciftyfent

    [fix needed] zm_undergrounds_eh_v2

    Nice Work, hope to see this Map again in nomination List. I miss it
  16. Ciftyfent

    V3 zombie model suggestions

    #SavetheFatties I dont like the Idea of changing them. Except for Special Events like Christmas or Halloween.
  17. Ciftyfent

    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: kompot

    This guy again is Spamming the whole Chat
  18. Ciftyfent

    maps | List + Add/Remove requests!

    I would like to see zm_Origin back in the Rotation, very good hunting map. Piranesi is also nice
  19. Ciftyfent

    Donation: Problems, Support & Feedback

    Bitte einmal meine VIP Skins aktivieren ^^ am 10.04.21 gezahlt per paypal. grüsse
  20. Ciftyfent

    Counter-Strike: Infection

    April fools joke? I Hope not, that would be Great 😁👍