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    Admin please tell me

    Thank you. Oh I have no reason other than being a nerd and being curious as to whether more players on a map makes it easier or harder to contain a Zombie outbreak.
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    Admin please tell me

    Hey there. Cool! Sorry - I meant each round of EH Zombies.
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    Admin please tell me

    What is the gradient of the correlation line of best fit for the graph x-axis number of players on the server and y axis average length of time of each game. Yours faithfully Soldout
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    Homophobic sprays and chat trolls - and Dhoudz

    Why is it that Dhoudz targets people who complain about homophobic chat trolls and sprays - instead of banning the sprays and gagging the people who fill that chat with hateful messaging? IS his homophobic? Really sad. Wont be returning to this homophobic centre. Two key abusers: Saddam -...