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    Hello EH, I'd like to join this great community as a member =D I play a lots of my time on the Zombie Servers. I hope i can be a little part of this great community! Down under is my form: Thanks, DrunkGarry In-game name: DrunkGarry Age: 19 Years Old Steam username...
  2. DrunkGarry

    New maps added

    download link for zm_fidlers_green_fix??? it sais cannot found the map so i need to download!
  3. DrunkGarry


    It worked for me, thanks. It was hard to find the setting name because i have it in dutch and it was a weird option name, but again thanks! =D
  4. DrunkGarry


    Hmm oke, yeah i tried some things to. So i am not the only one, thanks for your reply :)
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    Hello EH, When i am trying to join the Zombie server and the waiting time is at 10 seconds my game closes and it says: HL2.exe doesn't work anymore. I only got that problem on the zombie server and not on a other server(not EH). Yesterday it worked just fine, can someone help me please...