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  1. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: Kakashi

    I'm reviewing your demo right now, thanks. Player has been banned, thanks for your report!
  2. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: lvvscc

    Watching it right now. Hang tight! After reviewing the video, I have concluded that he indeed teamkilled you. He has been banned. Thanks for reporting.
  3. Gower

    Denied Ban Request: cortez

    Will take a look now, hang on! Hm, after reviewing, my thoughts are this: It could be griefing or it could be him thinking no one else is going up there, so we're going to put the prop downstairs to help block the door. I'll ask the team. EDIT: After further discussion with the team/SPA, we...
  4. Gower

    Welcome :)

    Welcome :)
  5. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: Pumba

    Based on the video evidence, I really don't think he meant to do it, but in the end, he did. He will be banned for 4 hours. Thank you for reporting.
  6. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: Pumba

    On it now.
  7. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: Hattori_Hanzo_San

    Player has now been banned. Thanks for the report. :)
  8. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: Hattori_Hanzo_San

    I'll take a look at it as soon as I get home, about 30 minutes.
  9. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: DrWackass

    Just as he was doing the ban, I was about to do it as well. Lol. :D
  10. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: KleeNEXX Partex oui c VRAIX

    Oh well, time to ban him again. Seems like such a trouble maker.
  11. Gower

    Handled Gag Request: Scoochie

    I have requested @Roor to up the gag lenght, Thanks for your report.
  12. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: Ozi

    Hello, I understand that you're frustated. But if you wish to submit an unban request, you have to make a thread here:
  13. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: KleeNEXX Partex oui c VRAIX | ElmuKelmu

    Thank you for the report @Kr1pT1c. Both of them have been taken care of of. KleeNEXX ElmuKelmu
  14. Gower

    Handled+ Ban Request: |||||||||||||
  15. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    Thank you for this @czar4you. The player has been banned.
  16. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: Megavolt

    Thank you for this @Tirant. I've gone ahead and removed him from the server.
  17. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: [М]ᴀѕτϵʀ ʂᴀɱ

    The glass behind him can be destroyed.
  18. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: R1DDICK

    Hello, I will be dealing with this shortly. Thanks for reporting. I have gone ahead and banned R1DDICK and upon further investigation I have found that he's ban evading a 6 month ban. ( But due to our...
  19. Gower

    [Game] Carry on a sentence

  20. Gower

    Handled Ban Request: /// AMD Mercedes

    I got notified of a mistake of mine and since I can't edit my original post, here's the 2nd post. His main account has been unbanned due to my error and the right account(offending) has been banned instead. Thanks for reporting!