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  1. Phanty


    Yo I was playing on gungame earlier and in the opposite team, there were just bots. It still was fun, because the bots arent so low, and I ofc tried to win. But when you come to the nadelevel, and nade a bot it says: So you cannot finish a map without atleast 1 human in the opposite team. I...
  2. Phanty

    Left 4 dead 2 for FREE

    Hey guys, L4D2 is free today, I think you might want to pick it up :)
  3. Phanty

    Spawn Protection for ScoutzKnifez

    As the title says, we need that. I just played on it and abused the spawn killing so heavily, that people started complaining. The spawn isnt very big and a highranked player with lots of HP can kill a low HP player so many times in a row, because there is no spawn protection. I think the best...
  4. Phanty

    A bye bye for now - but not for ever

    The Headadmins and Special Admins already know it and I thought it would just be fair if I let you guys know too. First of all: It is late. I am tired and I will not give a shit about captioning words and grammar etc etc after this line. So. I have been gone for so long because iam in the...
  5. Phanty

    Member Recruitment: OPENED

    Member Recruitment is opened. Please stick to the stickies to apply properly, that also makes your chance higher getting accepted. Good luck
  6. Phanty

    Member Recruitment open soon

    Hey guys. Just wanted to say that the Member Recruitment is going to be open again in summer. We would allow a maximum of 3 players to join our clan. Feel free to apply then. Yours, Phanty
  7. Phanty

    [Forum Game] The next poster

    This is a simple game where you start with your answer on the question before with "true" or "false" and ask yourself a question. example: the next poster is a boy SOMEONE ELSE: true ! the next poster is ugly bla bla bla my dick hurts n so on letsgo biatches. the next poster...
  8. Phanty

    about a bug

    yoo, i got a weird bug in the last days.. people claim that they knifed me as zm but i dont get zombiefied..? for the time being while they knife me my game is just frozen for a tiny little second but that was normal for me. when i come back they shout at me "bla bla wtf was that" etc.. anyone...
  9. Phanty

    best demo of all time

    guys, check this.. to show.. iam the paladin of knife.
  10. Phanty

    Server Problems or Issues

    Post all the problems or issues you have with servers in here and we will try to fix them asap. You can also request restarts if a server is heavily lagging. I think it would be best to post - - Server - Type of issue - Time I will start. The scoutzknivez server is always heavily lagging...
  11. Phanty

    Congratulations Stan !

    Hey peepz, just made a quick thread to congratulate stan aka advaldo if someone deserved it then you, you really are a great great person :) i just remember the moment when you looked into my wishlist in steam and bought me supreme commander :D also thanks for caring for my probs, ill...
  12. Phanty


  13. Phanty


    they were banned for 30 minutes.. all are already unbanned for hours -.-
  14. Phanty


    first: lololo 20 euro, take it serious or not second: **** *** **** ** PLS UNTILL I TALKED WITH NIKO thanks for listening
  15. Phanty

    Who the fuck is Albozzz?

    aha u still wont get unbanned.
  16. Phanty

    [Application] Killer

    Since Killer cant post this on his own because it disappears after he presses submit ill post his application: Killer Age: 16 STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:17502154 Steam username: abramow7 Can you speak english and german?: german, yes english not perfect Clan history (if none, leave blank): b2h...
  17. Phanty

    Admin sounds !

    Would be epic if we would have more admin sounds :D
  18. Phanty

    How to make an application !

    If you decided to apply for our clan then click on "Application Forms" on top of our forum and select "Member Application". As soon as our recruitement is open again, you'll be able to start your application. Fill in all the gaps & we'll discuss about you in our recruitement team! :) Good luck !
  19. Phanty

    oh no !

    niko got hacked by albozz WTF !
  20. Phanty

    Awesome day :P

    i don't want such things on our forum, thanks.