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    ☑ [FIX] ZM_Krusty_krab_a3

    Hello map makers! This map needs some fixes. Here is what I noticed: 1. The sodas are glitchy. Either close this spot at all (all it does it causing problems: If used fair the cade is shot down, if glitch is used it is almost unbreakable). I recomment to simply remove the button inside to...
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    ☑ [WIP] zm_clouds_v2_1

    Hello map makers! There are some small issues with clouds that needs to be fixed. 1. Camping fattiez should lose a lot of hp in secret room. I noticed that smart zombiez simply camp there and dont go out anymore for the rest of the round, giving them an unfair advantage: 2. Replace 2 sodas...
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    ☑ [FIX] zm_little_city_v7_roy

    Hello map makers! Due to issues this map has been removed from nomination list. To bring it back it needs some fixes (probably there are more problems, those are the ones I remember): 1. Remove the laterns that i marked - or make them non solid so players can't use it to camp on balcony...
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    CS:S ZombieMod Map Packs (v1 & v3)

    Hellooo HunterZ, CamperZ, EdgerZ and FattieZ, here are map packs for our Zombie Hunting servers: Enjoy! (updated 2021-06)