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  1. denied

    Everybody was this guy on the server today

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    Prestige system 'issue' update thread

    I wanted to create this post for some time, as we are many who are very hungry for information regarding the prestige skin issue. Would it be possible for Junior or any other staff member working on resolving the issue, to create a thread/post where potential updates and relevant information...
  3. denied

    Can't use in-game chat

    The things I write do not seem to pop up on the in-game chat feed, my callouts work sound-wise but do not show up either. All my commands such as (rtv, zmarket etc) works but are now shown in the game chat. I've tried rejoining, restarting my computer/steam, and reopening CSS without luck...
  4. denied

    Prestige skin?

    I've reached above a score of 22500 in the ranking system on v3 I was told that you get skin at that "level", if true then where can I equip it? I've checked on "!zclass" without luck.