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    >>> [Meme] Post your favorite memes here <<<

    Hello everybody! Memes are everything now, we all have seen some memes sometimes, therefore I created this thread for those who like memes and wants to share it with others. So please be active and feel free to post it here and keep this awesome thread alive. I begin with myself: Donald Trump...
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    Make v1 cobble only

    Hello hunters! as the title says my opinion is to make the v1 server a cbble only map because everyone loves it and its a good and old school map. if you agree or disagree let me know what you think :).
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    Yo boiz your boi here VIPER

    ur boi from Sweden here, im 17 years old and love to play games. I have been playing in elite hunterz servers 3 years now. i like to hunt zombies asses and make kebab of it LOL. as you may see my nickname in server im always top 1 in the scoreboard. hope you enjoy reading my text.
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    1. Enable console, for those who doesnt have already. 2. Open console, and bind your mouse wheel up or down to jump. example: "bind mwheelup +jump" and "bind mwheeldown +jump" I recommend binding both up and down, because its easier to hit perfect hops. 3. Create a server, and start jumping...