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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by BKA, 13 Sep 2018.

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    13 Sep 2018
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    Dear Community

    Firstly, I would like to say your admin "Sheyla" is not only very beautiful, she is also a very good admin. I like her very much - thank you Sheyla. :)

    Unfortunately we have another problem to solve and that problem called "Northernlight". I dont like at all how he is doing his job. He behaves very arrogant and rude, sometimes is even insulting. That is not the way how to deal with gamers! Sorry, but in my opinion Northernlight should be replaced. He threatened me in chat to mute me - just because I was complaining about him. (Sheyla is witness) Please oberserve him very well and if more problems should occur - replace him.

    Hereby and therefore I send my application as an admin for this server. I studied law at university (1. and 2. Staatsexamen) and work as a substitute judge at criminal court. So I know how to deal with difficulties and complaints. I bet I will do the better job than him.

    Last but not least I must admi than 99 % of all your admins are doing a really great job and I like them, except Northernlight.

    Thanks for listening!

    Dave aka BKA
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    We do have an abuse report section that is meant for these sort of issues, should you find a problem with any of our admins. Please make use of that feature. And always, if I can kindly ask you, please provide proof of a matter that you find issue with. This only helps creating a healthy environment and prevents unnecessary spreading of hatred. Simply stating you have a witness is not enough unfortunately and thankfully.

    Feedback however is always appreciated. So I thank you for yours!

    Kind Regards

    Elite HunterZ AsH
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  3. Lotus

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    I would like to add a few things onto what ash has already said.
    First off, you are constantly typing in all caps and while you are telling people not to break rules which I appreciate, you are doing it in a way which can be very annoying and also spamming it. What you are doing with these could be a reason for an admin to issue you a warning.
    To add onto that, much of these all caps warnings and spam includes you saying that you are recording and saying you are going to report/have reported the player when as far as I am aware you have never made a report which is very disingenuous.
    Secondly, you talk to users as though you are an admin and even recently said this,
    2018-09-14 00:46:00 I AM DEPUTY ADMIN :D.
    Please do not pretend to be an admin on our servers or this will lead to punishment. You are not an admin and people should not be thinking that you are. This would be another reason for an admin to warn you.
    As a third note, just looking through your chat log I am seeing many instances of both spam and insulting and that is just in the last few days. Again this would be something that an admin would give you a warning for.

    Now looking past all of this to the situation you are describing. Looking at the logs I can see that Northern gave you a warning for blocking, which you already have 2 bans for, and it seems you contested this by intentionally provoking North, so he warned you to stop or else he would gag you. This is a perfectly reasonable reason for issuing you with warnings.
    Please in the future while on our servers I would ask that you follow our rules and stop doing things such as insulting and blocking as this does not do anybody any good.
    As ash said, we have proper areas both for reporting admins as well as for admin applications, but please keep in mind that reports on admins require sufficient proof, something which I hope given your background you are familiar with :)

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    13 Sep 2018
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    Dear Community, dear Ash and Lotus

    Thanks for quick answer. I wanted to give Northernlight directly a response to what he wrote here, obiviously his post was deleted. I wonder why.

    I.) By saying "I am an deputy admin" and writing the smiley after this specific sentence, I think every person with at least an average intelligence score is able to see that this is obviously meant as a joke. There aren't "deputy admins" and gamers should know that. I wrote that as a joke. Nevertheless I accept that this will be not tolerated anymore and will stop writing such things.

    II.) By typing the "warnings" in caps lock, I wanted to make sure that I won't get blocked or insulted during my games, which happened very very often and Admins were too slowly to react appropriate. That's not a blame, but the truth. I want to focus your attention on my personal "enemy" STEFAN KRIPS, which is - as soon as I start the game - nearly always writing "BKA IS A BLOCKER" "BKA NOOB" "Report BKA" and other things, which led to a great damage of my reputation. Playing under such circumstances is nearly impossible.
    Still I confess I insulted him and other players as well. That was mostly meant as an reaction to his behaviour.

    III.) Proofs: I don't have any concrete proofs against admin Northernlight. I don't like the way how he spoke with me in the past and how he's trying to handle problems. I wanted to tell you that and did that in Feedback section, because there are no videos/screenshots for my blamings against Northernlight.

    IIII.) During games in past when Northernlight was in charge I asked many times for the name of his superior to make a complaint. He denied that without any substantiation. With that behaviour he hurt my right to a legal hearing. Only Admin "Sheyla" was willing to tell me the name of his shift supervisor. (Niko)

    IV.) Admin application: Though there is a "criminal record" against me and few misbehavings, I still insist in my admin application and I am willing to enforce the law in your servers.

    Thank you Ash and Lotus for handling my situation in a calm and neutral way, that is what I expect from ALL admins working for your community. Again special thanks to admin "Sheyla".

    Have a good day!
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