Handled Ban Request: Gothluv + Der mit nussen

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Law_Enforcement, 8 Jul 2018.

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    Name Gothluv + Der mit nussen
    SteamID U:1:38603822 U:1:17423056
    Server Zombie Hunting V3
    Time and Date 08.07.2018 10 min ago

    Ban Reason Teamkilling
    Additional Information
    They teamkill on excavator on 4away throwing grenades there.

    I told him to stop cause its teamkilling, instead of stopping he continued and made jokes about it (der mit ussen)

    when i started recording only got gotluv now waiting for der mit ussen to do it again.

    both of them are on standby to teamkill as you can see in first demo.

    now i had to waste 10 min sitting in spectate just for this.

    demo der mit ussen = Gothluv
    Demo 2 = der mit ussen
    Proof Demo

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