Handled Ban Request: Weißbrot dick geschnitten

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Kr1pT1c, 5 Jun 2019.

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    28 Apr 2019
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    Name Weißbrot dick geschnitten
    SteamID STEAM_0:1:5786738
    Server Zombie Hunting V3
    Time and Date 01.06.2019 18:40

    Ban Reason Teaming
    Additional Information
    You can see him spamming his flashlight at the ct and not infecting him like he should be doing
    Proof Demo

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  2. h1dden

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    6 Mar 2018
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    Hello @Kr1pT1c ! I've watched your video and at first: I see that there was Schobi - the admin. If you see admins in-game you must tell them first.
    As you wrote that incident happened almost a week ago. I'm afraid passed too much time to punish mentioned players ("Weißbrot dick geschnitten" and "pipuko"(You didn't put this player in the request, but he was also involved in, according to the video)) since they will be at a loss and won't understand why they got a ban. Bans should motivate players to no longer break the rules, but also players also need to know and understand the reason - why they were banned. Therefore your request is declined but we will keep an eye on those players. Thank you for the request!
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