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Besides technical aspects: Spice up rewards for donators?

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  1. Bazinga!

    Bazinga! Well-Known Member Donator

    4 Mar 2017
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    Hi, I sometimes get asked by players what to do to get the "superior" tag and what you get for it.

    They seem disappointed almost every time by my answers.

    If you wanted to think about taking action to spice up the donation status,
    did you ever think about some goodies normal counterstrike server offer?

    Of course you could speculate how this would improve or worsen the balance and gameplay - this is theory and should be something to try in vivo.

    Also I dont know about the technical limitations. I only know that most of it is possible and already in use by

    • For example get more HP as a zombie?
    • Gain more HP for a Kill as Donator
    • Get an extra Flashbang as CT?
    • With all weapons allow to have M4 as CT or AK47 as T?
    • Get 3 HEs instead of 1HE (noobs like me will love this! noob-nades are the best....)
    • I know that you move 10% faster as a Premium-Member on some CCS Servers
    • A differene in timespan of seconds of immunity for Donators vs. Non-Donators. (more seconds of you donated)
    • No reload time as donator
    • Allow a donator to change a map once a day
    • Donator nomination of maps appear at the top
    • ... any more ideas?

    I am curious about your answers!

    Happy Hunting,

  2. Dataworm

    Dataworm Ex-Admin Ex Admin

    22 Feb 2015
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    Giving them no reload time, more hp and such stuff would lead to an advantage and gameplay should stay fair for every player. Also the sense of donations is that you are paying to support the server and try to keep it alive but not to get extras. If you can get more hp we shouldn't call it a market place instead of donations.
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  3. Lotus

    Lotus Well-Known Member Staff Member Special Admin Tech Admin Donator

    9 Jan 2016
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    Pay to win is bs
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  4. Nikooo777

    Nikooo777 Well-Known Member Head Admin Administrator EliteHunterz Clan Member

    25 Mar 2010
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    I agree that pay2win is not something we want, but what if we find something that is not game-breaking? for example having 2 nades doesn't seem THAT bad for the couple of donors. What do you guys think?
  5. TheDude

    TheDude Well-Known Member Gameserver admin Tech Admin Donator

    20 Mar 2017
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    I wouldn't mind donators having two nades.
    Some of my suggestions:
    - Have a reserved slot for donators when the server is full or server kicks one of the spectators when it's full.
    - Special fatty skins for donators.
    - Special Trails or hats for them.
    - Faster cool down for !zstuck, lets suppose 20 seconds rather than 30.
    - Can Nominate a map from special map list .

    These are just some which I could think right now.
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  6. Dataworm

    Dataworm Ex-Admin Ex Admin

    22 Feb 2015
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    Some maps are special maps for a good reason. Allowing them to nominate them is probably not a wise idea. Also a reserved slot doesn't make much sense with so many donators, but kicking long-time-spectators might be a solution. But so far it would also be nice for admins to get something like a 'reserved slot', simply because I already had the situation that I got called because of cheater or other rulebreakers but couldn't join immediately because server was full.
    Anyway all other suggestions sound fine for me, maybe !zstuck could be even lower than 20s.
  7. Xylon

    Xylon Well-Known Member Staff Member Special Admin

    20 Jan 2012
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    Those are some good ideas, but please no trails or hats, it will just pollute the game.

    I'd also add minor things such as 150hp for CT's. Things that wouldn't break the fairness between donators and non-donators, but which would justify the fact someone paid.

    And why not a "Donator" skin, like the admin one.
  8. Hail To The King Baby

    Hail To The King Baby Ex-Admin Ex Admin Donator

    1 Aug 2015
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    2 nades is a good idea - hopefully only old players donate, and with that more nades :)
  9. Paul Bakker

    Paul Bakker Ex-Admin Ex Admin Donator

    31 May 2017
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    I think also that we dont do to many things which take the balance out of the game. Map changes with a lot of donors, means a lot of map changes. More HP or other stuff take out the balance. Maybe indeed 2 grenades or 1 flashbang is the border.
  10. Dataworm

    Dataworm Ex-Admin Ex Admin

    22 Feb 2015
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    They said more hp for humans which makes no difference if they get knifed by a zombie. Only difference is that they don't die that easy when they fall down somewhere. But to suicide it is better for me to avoid further hp as human! :-D
  11. ƑüƘü

    ƑüƘü Active Member

    13 Mar 2017
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    Hi guys, if you allow a word as a player I'm of the thought that this might well be fine,

    2 grenades
    2 ct exp skin add neo lol, or else
    2 fatty skin
    Snipe any weapon except snipers
    Less time for Zstuck

    Improvements to the server
    More points for killing with clotting or headshots, exp knife 7 points head shot 4 normal kill 3 points
    Improve imortalty at start of round
    Allowing you to shoot during the immortal period (as in V3)
    150 hp (for all human players) there are too many XD sucks

    These are just suggestions of course, then do you
    how about???? Sorry for bad english
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