[EH] Zombie Escape CSGO - Is looking for admins!

Discussion in 'News, Events and Announcements' started by Melisa, 28 Oct 2020.

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    [EH] Zombie Escape CSGO - Is looking for admins!

    As some of you might have seen around the forum there has come up a new administrator application form "
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Servers (ZE)".
    The SPA/HA team has together come to the conclusion that we are going to be handpicking the first 1-3 admins instead of using the application form.

    This means that anyone is free to apply without making an application, the only thing we are asking from you is that you tell us a little bit about yourself. If you're interested add me on discord to continue.

    Discord: Melisa#1406
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