Handled+ Gag Request: Cliyz

Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Deleted member 10599, 12 Jul 2019.

  1. Name Cliyz
    SteamID STEAM_1:1:454068889
    Server CS: Global Offensive
    Time and Date Past 3 days

    Gag Reason Insulting/Swearing
    Additional Information
    For the past few days, Cliyz has done a complete 180 on who he is. Seeming that he is showing who he really is.

    Cliyz has lately been harassing and insulting and spreading lies across the servers of Ship and I (2 examples that I know of) and I know he has said more lies about other people I know of.

    He has tried getting the servers against us saying we have CP on our computers (which is a complete lie) and is honestly harassing us and other players.

    Cliyz has gone past the point of being a troll and whenever he is on I personally feel attacked and harassed and I have self muted him every time now and he just gets the entire server against me and I have to always respond.

    Cliyz has a bad history with a ban and mutes and he has evaded every single votemute or votegag I have ever put up.

    He gets players to spam !calladmin and as well as he is telling players to evade votemutes ext by leaving the server, trying to influence the people to break the rules ext.

    He also has said after his latest mute he is going to make a new account and change his IP using a VPN and come on the servers to evade his mute (Shown 100% in chatlogs)

    (speaking only for me) - Cliyz has honestly harassed me and attacked me so much lately and tbh I don't feel too happy playing or even trying to speak with friends when he is on. I wish somebody with now such a bad influence on new players can be muted and gagged for a long time more than just a week as he is trying to turn the server against people and telling others to break the rules.

    He also just constantly talks about trash and insults/harasses me and other people in text chat.
    Proof Chatlog
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    He was already gagged at the time of this request
  4. I mentioned that I would like his mute/gag extended, what I know is when he was around the admin who muted him he was lying about everything right when he left and got ungagged he went back to just saying "hey frzn hey frzn"
    He hasn't changed at all and the mute and gag he was given will change nothing.

    He got VIP just so I can't votemute him anymore shown in chatlogs now, so he can continue doing what he does. Harassment is a lot to me and when he harasses a friend of mine as well as somebody I just met I am not happy about that at all.
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