Handled+ [GoFree/CS:GO Surf] Protest a punishment: reikatu


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28 Feb 2021
Gamemode [GoFree/CS:GO Surf]
Ingame name reikatu
SteamID STEAM_0:1:461316771

Ban/Gag reason i was being weird in discord
Desired outcome Lift my punishment
Statement of grounds
I was joking around on discord i was trying to be funny but i guess my sense of humor isnt exactly right.. I admit i was saying weird stuff and i accept my punishment but i never knew i was going to get banned, just a mute. I was trying to make people laugh and i succeeded for a while but that didnt exactly last wrong, i went too far and yeah i know i shouldn't have said it so i accept my punishment but if anything i hope its not a permanent ban so i can go back to enjoying the server like i did before. I am sorry for everyone who had witnessed my comments on discord.


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9 Jan 2016
Canadia eh?
Doing something you know to be bad is not ok. You expected punishment for your behaviour, so why do it in the first place? Maybe you are young, you think edgy or straight-up weird/fucked humour is hilarious or makes you look cool. Life lesson, it does not. If people are laughing at stupid pedo jokes then maybe those aren't the kinds of people you want to be around.
You knew you were doing something bad and did it anyway, so your ban isn't going to get removed at this time. Come back in another couple of months and we can revisit your case if you really want to be unbanned.
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