Question about language permitted on a zombie server


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8 Jan 2022
Hello everyone. Niko777, please give an explanation why it is forbidden to communicate in Russian in the chat? On the server, about 30-40% of the players are Russians. Where does this dislike come from?
I have been playing on the server for about 6 years, and this idiotic rule has existed for 6 years. Why?:в замешательстве:


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25 Oct 2013
Hello mate and welcome to the forum,

Our server and playerbase is international, we do not discriminate any player from anywhere in the world - but our communication rules are as old as they are simple:

1. ENG/GER only
2. No offensive language, no discrimination and of course no racism.

This helps us to make EH a place for players from all over the world to enjoy themselves and find new friends. And we got players from all over the world - from all populated continents, from almost all countries. Huge playerbases from Germany, US, France, Italy, Turkey, Russia, China and even Australia. We even got players from Nepal or South Corea, from Brasil and from Africa.

This is very important to us: We do not allow racism at all, not in chat, not in names, not even in sprays. Please refrain from such false assumptions. What you - like others before you - do not understand is that it has nothing to do with racism if we want our players to communicate in a way most players understand - and this is English. We offer a moderated chat, which is rare in counterstrike - we offer a good place to spend beautiful hours without being insulted, harrassed or offended in a racist way.

Especially for the second rule I listed above we will not change the communication rules, how could we prevent players from all over the world insulting in their mother's tongue. How could we find an admin talking all languages to be able to moderate the server? How could we ensure fair play in chat anymore? We couldn't. This is why we unforuntately can't allow Chinese players to talk Chinese, Sout African players to talk Afrikaans or French players to talk French.

All communities have rules. Your family does, your school does, your employer does, your society does. So do we - you can check our main rules by typing !rules on gameservers.

Also know: We offer Teamspeak where you can meet with your friends and talk in private channels whatever language you want to talk.

Moreover this topic has been handled already, for example here. Special Admin Ash already explained our reasons in short and easy words: Please read here for further information:
Because this is the way we prefer things to be. While we are a multicultural community, and welcome any individual from any part of the globe to play on our servers, we have decided to keep our forms of communication to two languages. Two very widespread languages, that most of the world potentially knows. Most of our staff/admin team can speak both those languages. Which enable us a firm grasp of situations on the server. Adding another language, especially one as difficult as Russian, being in the form that not even the alphabet is the same is just not something that is in our interest.

Perhaps if we ever did something along those lines, it would be a single server exclusive type of thing. But seeing as we do not have enough of a player-base, that also is out of the cards. At least at this moment in time. You never know what the future might bring. This is not a matter of discrimination, simply a matter of efficiency.

Kind Regards

Special Admin

I hope you understand now why we have rules and how they help to keep EH a friendly place for all players - regardless of their origin, ideology or belief.

See you on servers!

Ps. Excursus (Wikipedia): Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to inherited attributes and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another. It may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity.
You won't find a single EH member or admin supporting this crappy ideology.


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25 Apr 2019
Hi Vego !

The main thing has been summarized by Easy and Ash, but I would like to add that this language rule has always existed (except if I'm wrong ?)

It's not as if it had been withdrawn and then put back, the word "racism", which we often see on the server when we say this rule, is very badly used and too harsh for that.
But now everyone has this word in their mouth to describe something that we cannot do, whether in real life or not, it has such an impact that it becomes easy to use it for everything, but don't mix everything up
"How do I not have the right to kill someone IRL ? You say that because I am French ? It's racist .. NO, it doesn't matter where you are from, you can't kill someone that's all"

The server accepts everyone, what's more, in the community you have many different origins. I'm French, and that doesn't mean that I want French to be another language on the server .. it's extra work for admins especially for the non-french

Not accepting the Russian language, which is all the more another alphabet .. can precisely avoid real racism, because 90% of us (admins) do not understand this language.
For example, I am the only French in the community, I have already seen admins respond "ENG / GER only" to a racial insult made by a French in French precisely..
(This, Easy summarizes it, but I have already experienced this problem)

English is universal (I repeat), everyone is at the same level and many understand, and you can see that most of the servers that work well on CSS, have a language rule, for a matter of practice

I hope I have enlightened a little more