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  1. scoobie33

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    9 Jun 2016
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    I've got some suggestions for basic Skins which could be implemented that every player could choose from ingame through the !zclass Menu, as well as more Donator Skins and Special Donator Skins, that i think would be cool to have on the zm servers. Though I've got no idea to what extent you are able to use those for commercial use.

    Basic Skins for everyone:
    Default Skins Remastered
    Guerilla Army
    US Army
    British Army

    These Skins still got a basic feeling to them and are not really special but still add diversity for the players.
    They should be kept as low-key as possible so people will still donate for special skins.

    Additional Donator Skins:
    Jack Sparrow (m)
    Max Payne (m)
    Pierce Brosnan (m)
    Snake (m)
    RE5 Wesker (m)
    Mona Sax (f)

    Some additional skins supposed to be obtained alongside the "Agent Smith" one.

    Special Donator Skins:

    Superman + Batman (High Jump + Low Gravity)
    High Jump over obstacles that normally would need 2 Players to get up to.
    Low Gravity takes longer to fall which means it gets easier to catch them midair or on the ground.
    Due to the low gravity the jump takes longer and it is easier for zombies to catch them.
    The high jump should only be so much higher as a CROUCHING player would boost you.

    Flash + Green Lantern (High Speed + High Gravity)
    High Speed is self-explanatory, just higher speed to run around faster.
    High Gravity falls down faster so they keep their momentum and speed even when falling down somewhere.
    Due to the high speed it becomes harder to control the character in general.
    The high gravity will result in less control during a free fall.
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  2. Lotus

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    9 Jan 2016
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    We can definitely look into adding some of these skins, but I do not think we will ever add something where you are paying for extra abilities. This just isn't something that we would want to do, to put it simply
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  3. AsH

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    We take pride in skill and ability on our servers, especially V1. Which is why special additions such as speed and the line will likely not ever be an option. However, some of the skins do look alright. Perhaps those could work!

    Kind Regards

    Elite HunterZ AsH
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  4. NoMatt3r

    NoMatt3r Well-Known Member Staff Member Head Admin

    26 Mar 2012
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    Thank you for suggesting these skins. Yet, we could not implement any of these since they aren't server-sided.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    When you are looking for skins for online server, they have to be server-sided:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Converting player skins to server-sided skins is not an easy task, so we cannot take any of the above mentioned skins into consideration.

    And we have models with special abilities. But only for events ;)
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  5. scoobie33

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    9 Jun 2016
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    Oh, i see allright, i'll be looking out for Server-Side Skins then and maybe make a new thread if i found some good ones.
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