Still see ADS after Donation

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by bluebebe, 2 Apr 2019.

  1. bluebebe

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    1 Apr 2019
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  2. SOUR

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    27 Oct 2010
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    Hi there, thanks for reporting. This is a common bug that we have seen on our servers, it usually fixes itself after a few days, if not try contact a SPA/HA
  3. easy

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    25 Oct 2013
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    Hello bluebebe.

    welcome to EH forum and thank you for your donation!

    I was wondering the same when I donated for the first time, here is what I've been told: The reason why you see (and maybe hear) ads at the very beginning of a new map (within first 10 seconds) is that the ads plugin is loading faster than the vip-plugin. It's not really a bug, it is dependent to the size of both plugins (ads plugin is bigger than vip-plugin and loads before vip-plugin gets acitve).

    So after an initial ad on a new map you shouldnt get any more ads :)

    See you on servers mate!
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