The Zombie Hunting Server Has Issues

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Spells, 1 Aug 2020.

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    1 Jun 2020
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    Hi all,

    Yes, the server has many issues. When I first started playing the experience was great. However, in past months this has changed dramatically because:

    - players with questionable skills: no recoil weapons, a lot of shotgun damage from indirect shots, starts shooting before the 7 seconds grace period, unusual jumping capabilities;

    - extreme lack of fair play: shooting zombies into CTs, edging, blocking shots, blocking players, destroying barricades, shooting of props;

    - some maps are absolutely disgusting to play on: we are not here to waste or time running and jogging, good special maps are rare, if any;

    - admins turning a blind eye to a lot of things, I think some of them are unfit to carry out their duties;

    The V1 server is always empty, although in the past there were people there too. This should give a lot of think about to owners.

    I feel bad for those who donated money because there is no warranty of customer service.

    It s such a pity player experience became so awful, the basic idea is quite nice...
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