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Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Makfly, 12 Apr 2019.

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    31 Mar 2015
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    Ingame name Makfly
    SteamID [U:1:41035221]

    Ban reason rejoigning
    Unban reason
    Hey I know I’m not the most loved player here and I made a lot of mistakes but your server is fun and I liked it. it's cool to see that zombie mod is still alive on css , I have this nostalgia that wants me to go back on css and it will be cool if I could play on your server again. I'm currently ban 6 month which seems very long to me, and because I have already an account ban perm on your server (SInce 2016 [U:1:33561018] with which I have never cheated but that’s okay ) all my other accounts are automatically perma ban because of [SourceSleuth] .
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    25 Oct 2013
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    Hey Makfly,

    my decision wasnt based on sympathy. It's about fair play and time to learn from your mistakes (blocking, teaming, rejoining, leaving to avoid death and punishment). Don't you think it's time to reconsider your playstyle?

    To ensure you got enough time to think about what mistakes you made (15 bans!) and learning from it I've chosen a ban length of 6 months and 5 months later it's length still sounds proper to me. To be honest I do not really trust in 16th chances, that's why I wont unban you.

    Nevertheless your ban will expire next month, know there wont be many more chances...
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