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Discussion in '(un)ban/un(block) Requests' started by Raichu, 11 Jun 2018.

  1. Raichu

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    25 May 2018
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    Ingame name raichus
    SteamID STEAM_0:1:18112653

    Ban reason destroy barricades and a lot of other stuff (blocking ,annoying players) in last 2 hrs
    Unban reason
    unbegründeter ban und teil gelogener reason wir haben auf lila Panic gespielt ich bin ins haus hoch war als erstes oben hab ein Automat vor die tür geschossen dan kam heil to the king Baby rein hatt es gesehen und mich gebannt ich denke mal er wollte aufs dach damit aber ich war als erster dran ^^ und paar spiele davor hab ich mit im auf einer kiste gecampt 1 Zombie kam ich hab den weggemessert er hatt kein erwischt aber king hatte angst und ist runter gesprungen und weil er dan von einem anderen Zombie zum Zombie wurd hatt er mich verbrannt er ist immer so morgents-mittags schlechte laune und abernd gute 6 Monate ban ist dafür echt nicht fair auch wen ich davor schon paar gags hatte für das was ich heute gemacht habe iste s echt nicht fair =/
  2. Schobi

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    31 Jan 2015
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    Hallo Raichu,

    the Admin who banned you is Hail To The King, Baby. Please wait for his response.

    So far i will try to translate your request to english, as Hail just speaks english:
    Reasonless ban and false ban reason. We played lila panic, i ran into the house, was first up there, shot a soda mashine in front of the door. Then Hail came inside, saw it and banned me. I guess he wanted to go up on the roof with the mashine, but it was my turn, as i was first there. A few maps (or rounds) before i camped with him on a box. One zombie came, who i knifed away. He didn't kill any one, but Hail got scared and jumped down, where he got killed by another zombie and burned me. He was in his morning-midday bad mood. 6 month ban isn't fair for that, even i had some gags before. But regarding what i did, it's not fair.

    Könntest du vielleicht ein paar Satzzeichen verwenden? Ohne ist es wirklich sehr schwer zu lesen und unverständlich.
    Could you please use some punctuation charakters. Without it's really very hard to read and understand.

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  3. Hail To The King Baby

    Hail To The King Baby Ex-Admin Ex Admin Donator

    1 Aug 2015
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    Hi Raichu

    As always a lot of stuff is going on on V3 server - and you had your fun that morning.

    The ban is due to a number of incidents with you that same morning, resulting in that final incident with you shooting a sodamachine away, while running down, as I recall it.

    However I see that your last ban was 2 years ago, which I was not aware off, and apparently gives you some benefit, meaning that the banlength doesnt build up.

    With that now have learned, your ban length will be reduced to 1 week.

    And my eyes will lay heavily upon your avatar to see, if your precence acutally is improving.

    I have nothing more to add in this matter
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