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  1. TheRalle
    TheRalle Roach3558
    Happy birthday my kleiner ♡
  2. Ioya
    Chilling alone i'm alley way all homeless n stuff.
  3. buneenio
    1. Assassin Dert
      16 Feb 2021
  4. Cotey
  5. buneenio
  6. buneenio
  7. NorthernLight
    NorthernLight Yuran
    Oh Mr. Positive got 24 Years? ;- ) Happy birthday!!
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    2. Yuran
      Danke Mr. Positive :D
      18 Feb 2021
  8. NorthernLight
    NorthernLight dPexx
    I'm late but happy birthday man : - )
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  9. President
    President Strider
    Mc_Gr3g0r: @Strider_
    Mc_Gr3g0r: do yuo have any holes in your socks?
    Prime GamingStrider_: no
    Mc_Gr3g0r: so how do you get em on your feet?
  10. easy
    easy Havoc
    Your blue reminds me of Chelsea. Or was it ManCity?
    1. Havoc
      Aw hell no you did not just say that...

      I'm a fan of a real club, real history. Glory glory!!

      I admire what you did there tho! :P
      15 Feb 2021
  11. Hard
    Hard Cologne_29
    Happy Birthday Man
  12. Hard
    Hard Yuran
    Happy Birthday Mr.Negavite!!!
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  13. Melisa
    Melisa dPexx
    Happy birthday fellow stoner
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  14. Melisa
    Melisa Finny
    Happy birthday PERKELE
  15. Shqwny
    Shqwny dPexx
    Happy birthday dPexx :D
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  16. Hard
    Hard Finny
    Happy Birthday man
  17. Janno
    ingame name : Das Huhn map creator
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  18. Melisa
    Melisa Ræven
    You suck<3
    1. Ræven
      bitch <3
      4 Feb 2021
    2. Ræven
      jk lyy <3
      4 Feb 2021
  19. Shawn Steinfeger
    Shawn Steinfeger
    Just hit the 46:81 on mesa_fix
  20. cloy
    cloy Taco
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