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    Pictures of you

    summer time and world cup! :)
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    Happy Birthday GEO!

    Happy Birthdaaaay wuhuuu :)
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    Abuse Report: Evil Muffin

    he warned you ----> 2014-02-13 04:32:06 goodbye,laze. Zombie Hunting V3 by ElitE HunterZ |All Weapons|FastDL|SSD Powered|HLstatsX| zm_cbble_eh_v7 2014-02-13 04:31:56 !kick laze last warnning. Zombie Hunting V3 by ElitE HunterZ |All Weapons|FastDL|SSD Powered|HLstatsX|...
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    Abuse Report: [EH] Rocky

    oh no a kick bestio cause he change the name to want a admin abuse report. im created this all here and dont need ppl like him
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    Abuse Report: [EH] Rocky

    u dont want learn it dammmmn? insult in forum too? i will extend your ban.
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    Abuse Report: [EH] Rocky

    It was only a gag cause u flamed alot. I kicked you because you provoke me with changing the name, rocky you want a admin abuse report?. I dont need that shit really. I checked your chats, i give you a warn of inappropriate language now cause saying retards, idiots, fucking idiots, moron...
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    Abuse Report: [EH] Rocky

    Hahahahahaha really? i have nothing to say about that thread :)
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    Unban Request: Can

    Hallo, Du hast die falsche steam_id angegeben und namen. Du wurdest nur für eine Stunde gebannt. Wir können es nicht mehr akzeptieren das so an benehmen gegenüber admins toleriert wird. Nichts persönliches gegen dich, deswegen nur eine Stunde. Kannst schon wieder spielen lg. rocky
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    Elite Hunterz v5 campfest map suggestion

    will work again on it soon. set my pc up, must install alot :D
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    Hahaha nice

    Hahaha nice
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    Elite Hunterz v5 campfest map suggestion

    Advaldo and me tested the maps from the thread. The maplist atm: zm_roy_the_ship zm_neko_athletic_park_v2 zm_cbble eh version zm_lila_panic camp version zm_temple_v2 zm_natalyas_ship_v3 in zm_app7e_bworldfinal zm_4way_tunnel_v2 We need your help! post more camp maps to test! thank you
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    Breaking Bad!

    8 Episode bitch please
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    Elite Hunterz v5 campfest map suggestion

    No, can you send a link we will Upload The best 20-25 Maps