1. SyntX

    zm_mystic_halls_b3 to get campers tricks.

    Hey, Here is my tutorial to get campers while you are a Zombie but only for BHOPPERS. demo :
  2. Bazinga!

    Wiggle Motion to get up crates

    Players who get a lot of kills as Zombies not only manage to perform Bunny Hops but also do like a wiggle motion to get up crates. I tried to capture it here: You see the Zombie Michael getting up the crate in the back right by wiggling and then does the same to get me. I tried to record...
  3. vaalaria

    Bunny Hop server

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this idea was discussed before, but I was thinking that since there are fewer and fewer servers for bhop, maybe, you guys could make one. With maps ranging from easy to hard so that players on EH servers have a place where to practice and improve their bhop.