How to properly barricade yourself in that one lila panic room.


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15 May 2022
I have decided to make this tutorial in order to explain as better as I can the importance of building the perfect barricade to defend yourself. I have seen many people randomly shooting vending machines,ruining the barricade and then question themselves on why they are getting warned for breaking down the barricade.
You all probably know the room I am talking about,this room can be seen in many lila panic versions.
Regarding EH servers,It can be seen both in zm_lila_panic_revisited_b4 and in zm_lila_epic_v2_1b.

Of course,this is the room I am talking about:

First of all,I will show why it's important for the vending machines to be CORRECTLY standing up,you will see why I point that word out by underlining it in the upcoming demonstration.
In short,in first instance,the zombies can straight up walk through the entrance,whilst in the second one,they can be fooled they can get in,only for them to get stuck to the prop,and there you go,you have a free kill!

Now that you are done with the most important part,you need to have the rest of the vending machines standing behind each other THE SAME WAY you placed the first one.
As shown below:

Another good variation to this barricade,is the one shown below.
You can have the further back machine put down next to the other two,this way you can "stuck" the zombie trying to move the first machine standing up and it will be harder for the machine to be moved out since the other one that is shot down gets in the way whilst pushing it out.

Final notes/touches:

  • Any additional props brought into the room are always a plus.
  • It's always risky since a zombie can pop out of every single corner in the underground area of lila panic,but if you have a weapon like the M249,you can be quick about it and bring in an extra vending machine/sofa from the room that's right next to the one you barricading.
  • If you see a teammate trying to bring in extra props,please leave the room for a few seconds and try to cover him. He is using his bullets to move the prop and provide better cover for the team,he can't be shooting zombies as well. The least you can do is watch his back.
  • If you die and respawn as a human, PLEASE , I cannot stress this enough, use the window to get into the room instead of shooting down the props at the entrance down with your weapon.It's one of the dumbest ways to receive the ban hammer.

I hope I helped out a bit,I wanna see a successful barricade there without my presence next time lila panic comes online ;)


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12 Aug 2021
the master has spoken! you would all do well to heed his wise words and helpful demonstrations!
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