Why Aha*Gunpower* ?


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14 Apr 2022
Latvia Tukums
Hello fellas so something about me since nights is my time to be awake.
My first css expierence started back in 2006 nosteam CSS V34 good old days at age 13. But cs as self 1.6 at age 11 2004 first taste of this game. I did compete in css my country best gamers with all . I liked than play hard and i like now still paly hard when i can . I use to think about simple fun name and it always have be name aha and second part is change time by times . Aha is like agreement - what ever you say it is already agreement in my name also it can be as sarcasm spoke aha , like really or carless aha it is fun use . So why Gunpower? I did bad dessions in life and i payed a price and mental recovery did take a lot strenght to push foward . I was 3 years out of chance play and all thay years daily i liked drink heavy . I was down where even 0 was not a place and i stood up , life slowy get normal rythm i did start rebuild step by step myself and when i comed back to gaming what took really really hard years for me i felt strong and really willing to test out again in css. In that time for name pick this cuz thats how my soul felt -give me anything and i will beat it/ get over it . It was constant war with myself and thats why i pick gun what coud symbol war and power as symbol myself. I had took a taste a lot kind of poisons with words and none person in css had be even close than taste i had felt in life so it is for me easy with you in game who do not like somthing in me .
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