zm_office_house_v2 jump to get campers on red container


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15 May 2022
1) Start off by breaking the little "Gravity" glass that's located where my crosshair is on the screenshot ( I've already broken it in the picture but you get the idea)


This will enable gravity ( duh ) in the nearby gravity room that's essential to be used for this jump to work.

2) Look for the nearby booster with the green arrows.
You need to launch yourself off of it,land in the gravity room whilst strafing inside it to maximize your momentum,bhop off of the box (or the rotating triangle) and land on the container.
Sounds complicated and it really can be,but with practice you can get it to work most of the time.

Here is what it looks like:

3) Once again for good measure as per usual + with showkeys enabled this time so you can see exactly what I press and when.

Good luck trying it out!