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    Denied# Abuse Report: jD Smith

    And: the SPA/HA decided to change the current Ban length from (1 month) to 1 week. On the foundation of your Ban History. Please keep in mind that our Gameserver Admins are also part of the whole Administration. And even if we understand your trouble this is no reason to talk about or to a...
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    "From If I told you, I'd have to kill you." Come try me bit$$ :P

    "From If I told you, I'd have to kill you." Come try me bit$$ :P
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    Prestige skin?

    Try it out, it should work now. !zclass -> bronze /silver/gold And from now on, this is automated.
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    Denied+ Abuse Report: Jonas

    Hello, i was waiting for a any kind of evidence, but since you did not upload your Demo we cant handle this case, Abuse Report denied. If im right with what i got from your Message's Jonas did nothing wrong at all, no abuse done.
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    Handled+ Abuse Report: Jonas_k_94

    Topic closed, for further Abuse Reports or unban requests start a own Thread.
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    Denied+ [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Protest a punishment: Mf®

    Point Number 5 as addition to this case.
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    Happy belated Bday matey!

    Happy belated Bday matey!
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    Handled+ [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Protest a punishment: Dataworm

    Hello, as wished the SPA Team will leave a final Word here. Lets hold this short: -Ban will stay on Record but will get a Notice, the next ban should not be longer than 4 hours. In General: Its not forbidden to suicide in any way aslong the Gameplay for other Players wont get ruined or...
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    You really wanna begin 2021 with the biggest lie? :P

    You really wanna begin 2021 with the biggest lie? :P
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    rules whelp, rejoin from spec is fine?

    Like Easy said before, if you are in Spectators Team you can rejoin, aslong you dont do it 100x Times in a row. 1-2 times rejoin as Spectator is fine. If you are alive and want to fix some important Stuff, leave and wait until Mapchange until you come back, you would be on the save side doing...
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    Handled+ [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Protest a punishment: SELİM KOÇOVALI

    Hello, feel free to contact any of our Admins Ingame. First off, change your current spray if you aint did it already. He will unban your Spray and check your new one, if its fine you are able to spray again!
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    Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that there are 3 new models on our Zombie Hunting Servers which are available today around (13/12/2020) 20 CET pm. By donating you can choose to play as: The Engineer Nanosuit Harley Quinn Tyson Rios has been replaced with Nanosuit. Sam Fisher has...
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    Donation: Support & Feedback

    You can send us the Package Number you want and we can add it for you, that is no problem.
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    Santa zombies on v3

    Fixed, thanks for the Feedback!