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  • Good day!I write to you from Russia!
    I have a big request to you share your server settings.
    Namely, the file "zombiereloaded"....I accidentally deleted my file... I just have too your server for Russian=)
    I hope you will help me, and then I'll restore the settings...
    Please send the file to my mail
    Hello, I have contributed to your server in order to use the skins, but I do not know the command to gain access. Can you do me please?
    My Steam ID: STEAM_0: 1: 83483384
    hi nomatt3r I pay a premium of 5 euros for 3 characters but I have not heard until now I have sent several messages to see if everything is going well but no answer !!!! I also send my steam id as was ask.
    Hello NoMatt3r,
    I would like to delete my account here, i created. How do i do that? If i can't do it, please delete it and let my know by sending me an E-Mail.
    I appreciate it and thank you very much. I'll see you on the server :)
    Greetings, 1nfomercial
    приветик мне дали костюм но не хватает синего имени и красного чата еще значок вип
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