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  • Привет хочу купить vip на 2 месяца но у меня не получается оплатить через ply plai но могу перевести
    привет я хочу купить на 2 месяца но не могу оплатить
    EDIT: It isnt working.. I cant select my human ''class'' and i cant see my name and typed text in colour etc?
    Hi there NoMatt3r,
    My Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:28414368
    When are you activating my features?
    Hello NoMatt3r have premium vip bought 25 € but I can not please verifiable times because
    my Ip: STEAM_0: 0:65307753 12:10 38 0

    Thanks in advance
    habe Premium Level Two gekauft für 7 € und es gibt probleme...
    meine streamID 1:12009371

    gruß und danke :)
    i have a problem, i bougt VIP last night. and i fucked up at the ID. and i was wondering if it was posible to change the ID? cus i payed 4$
    Hello i need help.. i can't use my paypal at the moment.. but i can use my mastercard.. idk if i not can use it to pay premium? help
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