new map

  1. D


    Okay guys. After the 3rooms test on V3 server. Some people loved it, some hated. There is V5 comming in day or two. The main problem of original map was the size for 64 players. New version will be Much wider, bigger, less laggy, and secrets little more accessible. Changes on V5 compared to V4...
  2. D


    Hello guys. Im old player on EH server V3 in CSS, (since 2010 or 11) And I would like to make a funny map for this server. If you want. But Ive already started. I took my old small buggy map from 2013 and totaly remaked it. Brush fixes, nodraw, etc. Its now bigger, and Ive added lot of "secrets"...
  3. Janno

    ✅ [UPDATED] zm_pyramid_huhn_final

    Hi, i am new here in the Forum. Today i want to present you my first map for CSS_ZH it is a beta and it is not Full compiled, it need to much time :(.