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Janno Norbaten

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12 Nov 2020
i am new here in the Forum.
Today i want to present you my first map for CSS_ZH it is a beta and it is not Full compiled, it need to much time :(.


  • zm_pyramid_huhn_beta.bsp
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some more pictures


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My goals :
+ easy orientation and wide floors, for a better hunting experience
+ camping spots are not unfair against Zombies
+ Teamwork will promoted
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You need to wait for SPA/HA and Other Admins response/reply
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Glad you took into consideration what I told you on the server !
You will be an opponent of size for some, in your face,
Kr1pT1c !

I took the time to test alone to tell you what may / may not, be right, so that you can correct in the next version

To correct :

- No buy area
- Missing textures
- Model error



Each image you created gives small square of missing textures, there are all over the map ^^

I don't want to invent / say wrong stuff, because I'm 0 in mapping, but I know that some admins know a lot more than me (TheRalle / Kr1pT1c / DeltaForce), and that they can tell you how to no longer have the missing textures / model error, if you don't know how

What some special admins may not like :') :

- Too many props in some places (which makes some spots difficult to access for zombies)


Too many props in this room, maybe give a second access too..


Already it's hell when 2 humans are in a pipe, then if there are 20 in it, it's going to be the worst thing in the world ^^
Maybe remove a sofa, because you can easily block the access from the roof..


Maybe remove a vending machine here..

I also have this, which spam my console all the time I'm on the map :


Otherwise, you've thought of everything, I like it a lot.
Some references to the current pandemic, fattys, secrets, the doors / platform that open according to the weight on it is incredible ^^

Big thumbs up, I know that mapping takes a lot of time. I hope we can test it on our servers, don't let go !

Well done !
Thanks for your Feedback

i have fix all the problems and improve the spots.
The console spam is a fault of the engine ,it begins randomly.
I hope i can fix it with a FAN reset every 20sec.


  • zm_pyramid_huhn_beta_fix_v1.rar
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Uploaded to v3 - available as special map for further testing.

Looks good to me - keep it up mate. Will maybe contact you with some minor fixes soon ;)
after the first server test, I notice that the physic objects didn't work ,like the ramp and the swimming glas wall at BOX09.
It depence on the Serversettings.
How could "we / I " solve this Problem ?
I didn't really pay attention to that to tell you...
I just saw for a round that the ramp was vertical ^^ (so, useless)

If I'm not mistaken, the map has been played twice (Friday and Sunday), I was present on Friday and I noticed that the players generally liked it, and I appreciate that the players appreciate :') because mappers, whoever they are, do a job that I admire and that I will never be able to reproduce :')

When we play it again, I'll take a closer look at this ramp and this swimming door thing to see if it's really a big deal.

But doesn't removing the counterweight washing machine make everything wobble ? If so, try to make sure that you can't remove that washing machine by sticking it in ? (I don't know ^^)

If this is really a big deal, do something "less complicated" that doesn't involve object physics
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- I have removed the physic from the ramp and swimming door
- I increase the graphic performance highly
- I have changed and removed some unfair spots
-I have added some experimental stuff like "zombie bomb" and " zombie armor "


  • zm_pyramid_huhn_beta_fix_v2.rar
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okey i fix it, a nodraw textures overlapped it.


  • zm_pyramid_huhn_beta_fix_v2_1.rar
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I and EASY have tested the Map and we had found some critical bugs, here the fixed Version , the old versions can be delete.


  • zm_pyramid_huhn_beta_fix_v2_2.rar
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Graphic update (prop distance fade added) and some little Bug fixes.
i hope this would be the final Version.


  • zm_pyramid_huhn_beta_fix_v2_3.rar
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Graphic update (prop distance fade added) and some little Bug fixes.
i hope this would be the final Version.

Added as special map to zombiemod, it is in the special map list on v3.
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okey ,thanks ,i will fix it nexttime but first i will wait for some more bug reports
i fix some bugs and add some more occluder walls to improve the performance


  • zm_pyramid_huhn_beta_fix_v2_4.rar
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Map was uploaded.
@staff: Please don't forget to change the maplist, too ;)
I decrease the Skybox a bit, to improve the performance and I change some spots to make them more intressting for CTs.
Here some changes:
Room 13 acess disabled
Room 17 vent disabled
Lab01 - door bug fix
Box01 - door direction change -horizontal
conveyor belt - block crates prevented
third zombie bomb was added.


  • zm_pyramid_huhn_beta_fix_v3.rar
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