25 Oct 2013
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    1. jon 420
      jon 420
      Sorry for being a naughty boy,
      I promise i'll behave,
      Miss your server already
      :'''( <3

      Your biggest fan jon 420 ;)
    2. hapy
      1. easy
        I've seen and I deleted. Next time you insult any of our members (players or admins) like this I will permanently remove your ability to post on forum.
        18 Apr 2020
    3. drontrixsepta
      gagged me forever for typing "ni***rs", worst admin ever
      what does this even means, the bad word for black persons is blocked on this server. ni***rs obviusly means something another
      1. easy
        Aight, I did and I will do it again. Just be aware: The next one will be longer
        13 Oct 2019
      2. Xylon
        25 years old and you just make a forum account to say that, you must be a serious real life loser man.
        14 Oct 2019
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    4. AllEyesOnYou
      Bester admin, der rest schnodder
    5. Sariibey
      Why iam declined?
    6. dPexx
      1. Havoc and easy like this.
      2. easy
        Had to smile too when I noticed last night
        14 Apr 2019
    7. xxxᴛᴇɴᴛᴀᴄɪᴏɴ
      I have a problem with my donation , and I really need u
    8. xxxᴛᴇɴᴛᴀᴄɪᴏɴ
      Hello easy , are u the head admin ?
    9. AllEyesOnYou
      Hallo Easy
      Ciao Easy
    10. NorthernLight
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      2. AllEyesOnYou
        Ja man *ausrutsch* nice junge
        3 Sep 2019
    11. MONSTER³
      HASHTAG#// ..hilfsbereiterundzuvorkommenderAdmin :D
      1. easy likes this.
    12. AllEyesOnYou
      Eins muss ich dir mal lassen, allein aus Yarak! Hab noch nie ein Special Admin wie dich getroffen und ich trolle auf EH mitlerweile (Achtung, nur mit 1T geschrieben) ca. 2 Kahre schon. Du bist in meinem Ohren der einzige Spezial Admin der sich Karotten zwischen die Zehen steckt, trotzdem viel schießt und viel aufm Bauernhof macht.
      ILY wie dich sollte es mehr geben.❤
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    13. Hector16
      Hello easy, I want more information about my administrator request. Thanks.
    14. Sheyla
      Eins muss ich dir mal lassen, allein aus Respekt! Hab noch nie ein Special Admin wie dich getroffen und ich spiele auf EH mitlerweile ca. 5 Jahre schon. Du bist in meinen Augen der einzige Special Admin, der sich um alles kümmert, trotzdem viel spielt und viel aufm Server macht.
      SPA wie dich sollte es mehr geben. ❤
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    15. mahbubul
      From last couple of days , may be 10-12 days i cant enter "Zombie Hunting V3 by ElitE HunterZ" .
      Everytime i wanna join , it says --- " Steam Validation Rejected " , Then auto disconnected ...
      ... Can you help me kindly and give me a exact solution ? Pleaseeee.................. i wanna play again

      My Nick Name was EH-(.( FaTTy ).)
    16. superlux

      Sorry for bad english

      what is diff. for 5/10/20... € donate?
      1. easy
        10 Jun 2018
      2. Havoc
        I just want to add that the more you pay the more you get, for 5 euro you either get agent smith model or VIP tag + colored name and chat, for 10 euro you get both.
        14 Jun 2018
    17. Xylon
      Sexy blue you got here.
      1. easy likes this.
      2. Havoc
        Sexy Pink now :D
        27 Nov 2017
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    18. PengS
      Hey:stuck_out_tongue_wi bro are u alright ??? did u bough new gaming pc ???
    19. Havoc
      easy peasy lemon squeezy
    20. descartes

      So, recently i get a perma ban by easy...
      This is the plot:

      On the map zm_canals i was on the roof with enisay and he jumped twice in my head (small troll) and i said just for fun "pakyu nigga xD". Well i didn't mean the word of nigga, i know perfectly the rules and i am willing to do not do jokes like that. I get a perma ban for that... So ya, i would like to be unmuted, i mostly play in that zombie server v3 and i like that server! Hope to have a change!

      Sorry again, have a nice day (y)

      there is my steam id: STEAM_0:0:101739462 (descartes - thug mode)
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