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    ☑ [WIP] zm_rooftop_runaway_r_v1

    Uploaded for testing to v1!
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    How to Get Perma Ban.

    But few try to look like a cheater just to troll admins and waste their time. This is an extra level of cleverness that you reached. This posting alone is a reason to prevent you from further trolling on our servers.
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    How to Get Perma Ban.

    worked here too. congratulations, good job and very clever.
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    ☑ [WIP] zm_rooftop_runaway_r_v1

    Agreed. Fall damage is a must have on our servers.
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    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: Gillgamesht & sharxSen

    Hello mate, sorry for this bad experience. For future reference: if an admin is online, call him for help to handle this in game. In case the admin doesnt response (afk, busy) feel free to post the demo here. Looking through stats there were 2-3 admins around at the time you were recording...
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    ☑ [WIP] Introducing zm_ScrapTown

    Ready for testing on v3! Feedback is welcome :)
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    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: jurik

    If you have a demo of this situation, please provide it.
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    Handled [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: jurik

    Hello, Thanks for the report. Please provide us a .dem file (real demo) next time. An admin will certainly take of this - exceptionally.
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    Handled+ [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Protest a punishment: vladimir putinn

    Know that evading a ban by opening a family acount is not tolerated by our software. You have been unbanned. Have fun on our servers but stop teaming, blocking and destroying barricades. The next ban will always be longer than the previous... also next time when you evade a ban you wont get...
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    ☑ [WIP] Introducing zm_ScrapTown

    uploaded to v1 for testing
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    ✅ [FINAL] zm_floating_rock_v5

    uploaded for testing on v1
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    ☑ [WIP] zm_zomb_eh_towers

    uploaded for testing on v1
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    [Results] Counter-Strike: Source (ALL)

    Blaze1337 - declined Jd Smith - accepted Roach3558 - accepted Dataworm - accepted Congratulations to those who got accepted, contact me on steam for the next steps. Better luck next time to those who got declined. If you have any questions as to why you got declined, feel free to send me a pm...
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    Handled+ [CS:S ALL/CS:GO ZM] Report a player: ObamaLover69

    Thanks for you report. But ban got removed. We dont ban players for bad spray logos - we ban the dpray or restrict the ability to use sprays anymore. By the way: Two kissing boys is not punishable. This aint IS, we ate EH. Would you complain about two kissing woman too?
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    maps | List + Add/Remove requests!

    Hellooo! This map was requested 2 or 3 times already, unfortunately it neither fits our game idea of zombiehunting nor our settings. As far as I remember it was tested and not fixed. I dont find the thread telling us the tecnical issues of the map but here you see head admin's answers...