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after complains about the music , i removed the access to the music room completly , only admins can use it with noclip
- also fixed a "leaky" cell door.

I hope the map will get back into the regular nomination list , its good balanced and has many fixes to prevent glitches.

best regards

Das Hünchen ☺️


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looks good, i'll update on the special list for now, any further map list adjustments can be figured out after halloween 👍

edit: looks like i was too slow actually updating it so one final run of v7 i guess, whoops 🤪
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@Janno I think we would prefer if any music options were removed from the map completely. If you could take that out from the map then I could add it back into the normal rotation.
you mean the Admin room with the music buttons , which can play global music ?
i had removed in v8 the player access to this room completly , no secret teleporter or something. only Admins can press them.
but i can remove them.

i left only some local music spots ,but i can also made a version without them.
local music spots are rooms where players can only hear music when they go into the room ,like the bar or the secret glas room, player can shoot a secret button and music plays only ones a round for 45sek.
here a version _v9 without any music ,i removed all lokal music spots and the global music by admins ,
you can decide which verison you like more _v8 with local music spots or _v9 without any music content.


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Sorry for taking a couple of extra days here, been a little busy. Anyways, v9 is on the normal map list now
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The Essence of the Map is gone, so sad. Its really nerfed too hard now
Map plays out fine and I like it a lot. However,I could not help but notice there are massive server lags at the start of each round.
I have no idea what causes this,maybe many people spawning at the same exact spot?

I have found some bugs, the one where i shoot the floor, apparently the bullets go thru, and if there is a cade under it can be shoot. The second one we can see that a player is stuck in one of those blocks, it was able to shoot zm, but zm where not able to get at it. Also, every time a new round starts. it creates a lot of lag for the first 3 to 4 seconds.


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