1. D

    ZM_3_ROOMS_V5 All secrets revealed

    All 11 secrets of that map revealed here :) I hope this map (V5) will be soon on EH V3 server :p, since zm_3_rooms_V4 was too small Map is also in attachments
  2. D


    Hello guys. Im old player on EH server V3 in CSS, (since 2010 or 11) And I would like to make a funny map for this server. If you want. But Ive already started. I took my old small buggy map from 2013 and totaly remaked it. Brush fixes, nodraw, etc. Its now bigger, and Ive added lot of "secrets"...
  3. BeWasted

    Wasted Walkthroughs

    Greetings and salutations fellow Elite HunterZ This thread has officially been renamed to Wasted Walkthroughs, seeming as I'm probably going to continue doing a few more videos regarding the same topic and I don't want to constantly upload new threads which will make You lose track of them. It...