1. D

    Prestige skin?

    I've reached above a score of 22500 in the ranking system on v3 I was told that you get skin at that "level", if true then where can I equip it? I've checked on "!zclass" without luck.
  2. Nuntiuz Cudi

    Elite HunterZ skin add/remove

    Heya ppl, I remade some skins pls let me know what you think. I made a zombie skin (t admin) and a Map Maker skin, wanna make more in the future. Kind regards, Cudi
  3. L0VE

    [Release] CS:S Default Weapons With Phong and Normals

    [Release] CS:S Default Weapons With Phong And Normals | CT & T Custom Player Models I created materials with phong effect and normal maps for all default weapon models. Maybe some guys play with default models and would like to improve visuals. Simply follow instructions in readme to...