About me ?


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10 Apr 2021

Hello, here my introduce myself.​

My name ? Where I come from ?

My name is Killian, I'm from France.

For how long have you been playing on our servers?

I don't know when exactly, but I think had joining your server since 2021.

Are you a dedicated zombie hunter or do you enjoy playing other mods, too?

I play for Zombie Mod and Zombie Escape. And since 2013 (With another account).

What's your favourite thing about EliteHunterz?

Honestly a lot of things, the bodyblock adds something, by that I mean, that if the guy in front of you isn't running fast enough (let's say you're being followed closely by a horde of zombies), and that he runs with the weapon and not the knife (because the character's velocity is faster when he runs with the knife in hand and not the weapon), it's stressful and funny at times.

Also the moments of stress and pressure, to be the last survivor and to have 50 zombies in the buttocks.

Using the same spots gets boring sometimes, it's even more fun to go to spots that are hardly used with a few guys to bring it "live", which makes it even more exciting.

And of course the ambiance of the server.

Do you have any other hobbies than gaming?

I like photoshop, I like producing music,

I like doing sports, I love mapping on CS:S (Thanks to the help of luffaren / Moltar / Nostar / yes me and many other mappers).

I also like airsoft and traveling.

Do you like pets and do you have a kitten?

Of course I like pets, I have 2 cats actually.

One who was on the street that we took with us and since then she's been living her best life.

(Their names (She) Miss and Zoe).

Do I have a job/goal?

In research for the moment, I work for my objective which is to work on me for 2 years from now, after months of preparation to pass a test which is to be in the army more precisely either in the paratroopers or Force Special.




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27 Oct 2010
If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Welcome! Always nice to see new mappers join our community! Looking forward to see your future projects :)
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25 Oct 2013
Welcome to EH @DrFiction! Took you a while to find the best CS:S community but finally you made it - congratz xDDD Enjoy your stay and be ready for fun!
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